Clovis Noches

I subbed a few times on bass, mostly in 1991 and 1992, New York City


Nancy Lynn Howell – vocals, guitar
G. Doug Pierson – guitar

with a large and revolving cast of members and hired guns, including at various times

Fats Kaplin – accordion, fiddle, and pedal steel
Larry Eagle, Jeremy Dreesen, Ken Meyer, Steve Holley, Robert Bond, Albert Caiati, others – drums
Jeff Myers, Wayne Hammond, Arturo Baguer, Hank Bones, me a few times, others – bass
Alan Goodman – lap steel guitar
Gib Wharton – pedal steel
Ken Pierson – accordion

Clovis Noches: Nancy Lynn Howell and Doug Pierson

These two cowboy hats had been playing in New York City for a couple of years already when, as I described at the end of my Oswalds post, I stumbled onto them at this gig that I attended on a whim with Laura Cantrell:

Clovis Noches Marlboro Talent Roundup

This is the show where I first laid eyes on my wife-to-be.

Here’s what the band sounded like at the time. This recording was produced by the drummer, Robert Bond. [For iPad, iPhone, or other non-Flash-enabled devices, go here.]

“Nine Mile Hill” by Clovis Noches

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