A note about me and this site

For the purposes of this blog, I’m using a pretty generous definition of “band” and “been in.” I’m going to try to add a new entry every week or so. By my last count, this should take about a year to complete. I’m not going chronologically or in any particular order. Do check in, subscribe, comment, etc.

I played bass in most of these bands, sometimes as primary member, sometimes as a frequent sub. I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, moved to New York in 1982 when I was 18, and more or less stayed there until 2006 when I moved to my current home in Phoenicia, NY.

I’m not writing this because my music career has been especially noteworthy. Few of the bands I’ve been in have achieved anything but the most local renown. I’m a good bass player, but there are many better ones out there. I know a lot of musicians who could write a blog called “Every band I’ve ever been in” and it would have a broader appeal than this one. But looking back, it’s been a whole lot of music, and the connections make for a pretty unique portrait of who I am and, at the same time, a pretty spot-on portrayal of what it’s been like for many of us to play music for the last 35 years or so.

I’m 48 as I write this, and my memory is far from perfect. I welcome any corrections or comments from band members or listeners. I plan to include songs, videos, photos, and posters when I have them; in short, far more information and music than anyone could possibly be interested in. Thanks for reading.

– Mark Lerner

You can reach me via comments here or at mark @ ragandboneshop dot com

6 Comments on “A note about me and this site”

  1. unmake says:

    Hi Mark. I just finished uploading all my old Music Faucet recordings to YouTube, and as your name comes up in a bunch of them, I thought I’d let you know. Maybe you’ll get a kick out of it? Take care.


    (Searching for ‘clovis noches music faucet’ should bring up one of them if the URL above doesn’t work)

  2. Pete Erchick says:

    I am listening to “Musicale” right now. It is still an incredible and beautiful album. Wish I could hear and watch you all play those songs right now. It has been a long time. Still a long time left to go, changes notwithstanding. Love you, Pete. – P.S. Still love the innovative RMD technology.

    • Mark Lerner says:

      You couldn’t have posted such nice words at a better time, Pete. (Rough week.) The very best thing about doing this blog is finding that this music and these memories mean a lot to folks.

  3. Pete Erchick says:

    I gladly await your moderation.

  4. Pete Erchick says:

    Oh yeah, I mean to say “Musicale” by Flat Old World. One of the bands you’ve been in.

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